The Pele Shirt is the result of my desire to create a piece that can be worn.
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the Pele shirt

☼ Comes in a series of 30 numbered pieces.

☼ Is available in the sizes small*, medium* and large*.

☼ The printed fabric is a light viscose and the shirts are made in The Netherlands.

☼ Costs € 100,-

*Size Small:

Bust 100 cm
Back length 57,5 cm
Shoulders 37 cm
Arm length 60 cm
Armhole 43,5 cm 

*Size Medium:

Bust 111 cm
Back length 58,5 cm
Shoulders 41 cm
Arm length 61 cm
Armhole 47,5 cm

*Size Large:

Bust 118 cm
Back length 61 cm
Shoulders 46 cm
Arm length 64 cm
Armhole 52,5 cm

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